The Freemasons vs The Star! – MORE BOOKINGS RELEASED!

21 Apr

This event has finished and is no longer available for booking.

Due to the high customer demand for Battle of the Smiths, we have released more spaces! We have a limited number of tables left, so make sure you don't miss out for the second time! BOOK YOUR TABLE NOW >

Award-winning chefs, Steve Smith of The Freemasons at Wiswell and Steve Smith of The Star at Harome, are set to go head-to-head in another epic food battle this Spring

Set to take place on Steven Smith’s home turf – The Freemasons at Wiswell, the event will take place on 21st April 2016, with guests treated to a six-course meal, with each chef cooking a starter, main and dessert. Score cards will be handed out at the beginning of the evening, outlining each dish, with points given for each course and the winner will be announced at the end of the night.
This unique event will give guests a unique opportunity to sample both chefs’ exceptional talent and culinary offering in one evening. Things are sure to get heated, both in and out of the kitchen, with both Stevens' keen to take home the title.
Tickets for this much-anticipated evening will be £70 per person, or £110 with a wine package included.

Interested in this event? Why not book a table for our War of the Roses event on 21st July too?​


Freemasons Food and Wine Club - First Glimpse of Mr Smith's

20 Jun

Come and join us for a spectacular visual and taste sensation at the warm and inviting Freemasons ‘Restropub’. Get the first glimpse of Mr Smith’s with a walk around tour with chef of the new kitchen.

The Freemasons welcomes Adam Reid - Exclusive and Limited Dinner

15 Aug

A unique and exclusive dinner with Steven Smith and Adam Reid

Summer BBQ

26 Aug

Join us for our annual Summer BBQ bringing together some of the Country’s Finest Producers: Sausages from Farnsworth, Fish from Wellgates and our very own Burgers.

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