Harden's Review 2017

14 Mar 2017

We are delighted with our new 2017 Harden’s review…

Following the release of the updated Harden’s reviews, The Freemasons' team are over the moon with this year’s review. Harden’s have been been curating reviews of the UK's most notable restaurants for 25 years. This year diners have submitted over 60,000 reviews to create the most authoritative restaurant guide in the UK. Harden's mission is simple, "To tell it how it is."

Take a look at what was published below:

“Steve Smith continues to lead the vanguard of haute gastronomy in the Ribble Valley”, at this nationally notable and “attractive pub”, “in a tiny village alley” – “a brilliant gourmet destination high on the moors of East Lancashire”, which local cognoscenti feel “knocks Northcote into second place”. While the style is “unpretentious, with wooden tables”, this is “a class act all round”: “service is exemplary with a sommelier on hand”, and the dishes are “well thought out”, “skilfully executed” and highly “memorable”.

The Freemasons at Wiswell has also maintained a rating of 5 for exceptional food and service for the third year running. For more information take a look here >

Chef-proprietor, Steven Smith said: Our ambition is to keep improving our offer year on year and I really believe we’ve done that with both our menus and our service. I truly believe the sky is the limit for The Freemasons and I’m excited to see what 2017 has instore for us.

About Harden's
Every year, for 25 years running, Harden's collect and curate tens of thousands of reviews from 'ordinary' restaurant-goers. They consist of the best and worst experiences of the last 12 months. Each restaurant's performance is compared with others in the same price-bracket to give resaturant-goers the best 'bang for their buck' – regardless of budget. Ratings are provided for Food, Service, and Ambience. 5 is exceptional, 4 very good, 3 good, 2 average, and 1 is poor.

Hardens 2017 Review

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