English Game versus South African Game

26 Nov

This event has finished and is no longer available for booking.

Thursday is the intriguing ‘South African Game Versus English Game’ where the very best game dishes and matched wines from both countries will be showcased. The much welcomed, highly esteemed Conor Toomey, Head chef at Storrs Hall Hotel, Windermere will be joining Steven Smith in a spectacular ‘cook off’. Conor originally from South Africa, will go head to head with Steven in passionate friendly culinary rivalry, to deliver exceptional and imaginative dishes for you to decide which country is triumphant. With the Rugby World cup in full flow no doubt there will be some steaming rivalry to see who can produce the best dishes on behalf of their native country! With a heady mix of extraordinary culinary expertise and competitive juices flowing, at £60 per person this is not a night to be missed!

Thursday 26th November | £60.00 per person (Wine pairings to match, £30.00 per person)

Wild Mushroom, Lancashire Cheese Fondue, Game Snacks

Guinea Fowl
Master Stock Glazed Guinea Fowl, Smoked Eel, Nasturtium, Biltong

Native Lobster
Butter Poached Tail, Crispy Claw Wontons, Potato cooked in Seaweed, Fresh Mandarin and Black Pepper Sauce

Wish it was Kudu
Roast loin of Roe Deer, Ouma’s Boboite, Parsnip

Amalfi Lemon
Earl Grey Tea and Armagnac Poached Prunes, Salted Walnut Ice Cream

Malva Pudding
Malva Pudding, Custard, Burnt Butter Ice Cream



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