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Welcome to the Freemasons wine list – the culmination of months of hard work (yes, believe it or not, tasting wine can be arduous – particularly wine that doesn’t meet our strict quality and value for money parameters)!

Whilst introducing you to our wine list we thought that it might be helpful to briefly explain how we have selected the wines presented hereon in. Our wine philosophy is fairly simple. In terms of style, we look for wines of balance, wines that are true to type (representative of their origins), and wines that will compliment our style of food. In terms of pricing, and by being flexible in approach to margin, our aim is to offer excellent value at each price point. This is particularly noticeable as you move through the price ranges with only small “cash” margins applied to our more premium wines.

In keeping with the heritage of the Freemasons our contemporary style of food is seasonal - with a small “doffing of our cap” towards traditional British Pub Food. We strive for balance, amazing texture and precision with our food, and to compliment this we have tried to compile a list of wines that share similar characteristics. To help select our wines, we work closely with our wine consultant / supplier, Miles Corish – Master of Wine. Over the last 17 years, Miles has developed global relationships with a strong portfolio of smaller, quality driven wine producers and wherever possible, we prefer to offer these wines to our customers. In our opinion, not only do smaller producers inevitably offer a superior combination of quality and value of money, many of those that appear in our list are benchmark producers for their region.

As indicated in our previous wine list, we have now arranged our wines by style, rather than by origin. In an attempt to help you make more informed wine choices, we have defined four “categories” for whites and reds. Hopefully this will lead to a degree of experimentation and add value to your dining experience. Wine is always subjective and there are seldom absolutes when categorising style – one person’s medium body is another persons light body - so with this in mind, we are well aware that some individual wines could straddle more than one style category. Allowing for these anomalies however, we do hope that you enjoy our new layout and as always, look forward to your feedback.

So it is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Freemasons and hope that in the following pages you find a wine that enhances your dining experience.

Happy hunting,

Steve & Miles

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